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Specializes in pre owned yacht sales which are located in Turkey and the East Med and sold to clients all around the world.

Our professional team, with Navy background and 45 years of sailing experience, has the knowledge and experience to reflect the real condition of any yacht we list for sale.

Our YouTube channel, YMB YACHTING has become one of the most popular yacht sales channels on YouTube. It is greatly expose our listing on a worldwide scale. Many of the yacht videos has more than 100,000 views over a short period of time and as a result we receive many inquiries and sell a yacht faster and at the best possible market price.

We personally visit, Inspect and take videos and photos and collect up to date technical information.

Years of experience managing International companies and complicated yacht sale transactions, high negotiation skills involving multinational buyers and sellers, and deep knowledge of the legal aspects of the sale process, are giving

us the tools we need to bring any yacht sale transaction to a safe and successful completion.

Our expertise and focus in the Mediterranean yacht market and in particular in the Turkish yacht market, are gives us the ability to sell yachts fast and

We provide after sale services such as crewing, insurance, mooring space and yacht delivery service to any destination in the world.

The Brokerage firm is managed by Eliad Hagilady.

Recently Sold

M/Y CARTE BLANCH / New Ocean 68 / 2008

M/Y WE WILL WIN  21 m / 2014 / Custom Trawler

M/Y LADY LABER / Marquis 690 / 2007
OFFSHORE 80 Pilot House / 2017
M/Y AEGINA / Azimut 98 Leonardo 
LORD WERDEN 34 m / Steel Hull 1960
M/Y SERENITAS / 32 m By Mengi Yay Shipyard
M/Y KUYIS 30 m Steel Hull Trawler 2009
M/Y DALI 21 m steel hull Trawler by TANSU  
M/S ERAORA 28 m Motorsailer

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